If you had the power to change anything, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Our world is filled with strange and unfortunate happenings which sometimes leave us wondering why you weren’t strong enough or fast enough, possess telepathy or telekinesis or laser beam eyes (one of my favorite) or a million other things that could help us […]

Falling down has never looked so fun!

Falling down has never been friendly to anyone either has it been fun. Falling down from a tree with an axe in your hand is very tragic and it might lead to severe injuries or death. You need to find a place to stand to avoid unnecessary tragic incidents from occurring. Falling might be detrimental. […]

He wanted to shower with a girl so he built one

Just imagine he wanted to shower with a girl! It isn’t crazy? First and foremost, how can one take a shower with a girl? Lets step back watch what happens from the pictures. As many people would say a picture speaks a thousand words. This is not so different from this picture. This birth room […]

A whole new dimension of Embroidery Pieces!

Ana Teresa Barboza is a highly valued Peruvian artist. In her collection of artworks, titled “Suspension”, she chose to challenge herself and create something no one has ever seen before. That is a hard task, seeing as pretty much everything is simply a copy of something that already exists. Still, this didn’t stop our artist […]

Is burning your hair going to make it healthier? Find out!

Here’s a little bit of a bizarre fact, you just don’t seem to hear every day. Apparently, by undertaking a burning treatment of your hair, which means to literally set it on fire, in order to make it healthier. Barbara Fiahlo, a Brazilian model, claims that this method is by far the most efficient one, […]

These Ladies Are Bound To Steal Your Heart!

When was the last time you saw a really beautiful woman? Not just pretty or cute, we are talking first class attraction here. If your answer wasn’t related to something recent, you can sigh with relief, as a brand new mass of beautiful women is all in a convenient place for you to find. If […]