Morteza Pashaei, the lastet song: “Who could believe this” کی فکرشو می کرد

  Lyric in Persian: هر جوری بگی میشم فقط پیشم بمون نگو می خوای بری نگو دوست ندارم اشک چشمم و ببین ، ببین چه حالیم میخوام سرم رو باز، رو شونه هات بذارم انگاری تموم اون روزای خوبمون تمومه داری میری اون کیه داری میری به جای دست من دست اونو بگیری اونی که […]

Fantastic Ways Celebrities Have Replied to Fans

Celebrities have fame, money as well as success. Some of which earned it through their hard work and commitment while others just got it through their sources and basically take it for granted. However, most of us just have this mind set that all of them are just arrogant and rich kids who are mean […]

Guy Makes Genius Series of Photos During Wife’s Pregnancy

Young couples in love who get married are mostly fond of cherishing all of the moments they spend together, cause what can we say? They’re in love! Even though some of the things they do may seem really clumsy and stupid for some of us, while some of us may find it pretty cute. Now […]

These Epic Thunderstorms Will Inspire You To Stay Inside Today

Mother Nature is beautiful, however nature has more than what we can see with our mere eyes. It has been established that Mother Nature power is uncontrollable and this is displayed well with thunderstorm. Actually, thunderstorm is frightening to many but beautiful a few people.  The power exhibited by thunderstorm can be damaging to infrastructure […]

Taking These Selfies Was A Downright Awful Idea. OMG.

Do you know what selfies are? Selfies is a self picture, classically taken with a hand seized digital camera or even camera phone. Selfies portray are always shared on social network platforms like facebook twitter, snapchat, insragram or even tumblr. Selfies are either taken by holing a hand or in a mirror. But how do […]

Funny baby announcements done around

Looking forward to a bundle of joy? There are a number of ways different ladies use to welcome there new born babies into this world. Other ladies use famous actors to make announcements to friends about their expected unborn kids. This news always comes to a number of people unexpectedly, but with much joy. Other […]

Linus Bichon Poo goes crazy dog mirror

Can I say dogs have small brains? Maybe! Linus bichon poo goes mad after seeing its image on the mirror. I think this can be mere hostility but not protection. Linus bichon poo could be a sensitive dog towards strangers but it is so hilarious for linus bichon to run around making unnecessary noise.  Oh […]