Tattoo art done right!

Are you a fun of tattoo? And do know tattoos are performed? These are very patent questions that this piece of information is going to unveil. There are several factors that you need to consider when undergoing or even performing a tattoo. Tattoos are medically instigated. However, a number of people turned to tattoo make […]

When words get lost in translation it’s just great

What an amazing way to at things? There has been a great miss-interpretation of the words through direct translation. Very few people have learned through hard way to interpret complicated languages. I might have studied linguistic but understand a translation is quite mountainous task. When making a translation the main goal is to derive primary […]

A Good Looking Girl Can Light Up Your Life

I know it is a dream of every man to have a good looking lady beside him. But what value does a girl good looks add in your life? This piece of information is made to enlighten you on these factors. Beautiful ladies have stunning looks that boost a man’s ego. You would not desire […]

Sometimes facebook goes right until it goes wrong!

Facebook does right until it goes wrong, can you make some sense out of this? Where exactly does facebook lose meaning? Let get down to the nitty gritty and make sense out of this phrase. There are several aspects that make facebook go beyond the right. Facebook accommodates number weird photos which make less meaning […]

Games of masters

Who doesn’t like playing games to burn some free time, to get some exercise or even just to lighten your spirit. A game creates friends and unites people in general, why would we then want to avoid it? Today we’ll look at some solid reasons why fun can be considered the antidote to all our […]

Plain Rain

Taking a plane can be a fearful experience even though the pilots have been trained to attend to almost every type of problem with utmost precision and know-how. The planes themselves have been equipped with almost every safety feature known to man and some are even designed to deliver passengers to their destination without the […]

The Cutest Things You Will See In Tokyo

To my imagination the cutest things are the one that are appealing to the eye. They are a lot of things that look pleasing in the eye of many in Tokyo, Japan. Cherry blossom is a representation of Japan nature. The sprouting of blossom trees is a clear indication that winter has come to an […]

She spent a fortune to look like kim kardashian

Looking someone? Really! This is an obsession that a number of people wish for. That is beside the point. She used a great fortune to look like Kim Kardashian. Let’s get down and see how it is reflected in the 17 pictures.  Check picture one, Claire lesson is plain and real. But she anticipates to […]

Bad Days on the go

So you know folks have bad days, and others have rough lives. Whether it’s just a regular bad day, or the latter, we sometimes have to look back at all the occurrences and laugh. Nothing else helps with this situation more than a heart-full of laughter and genuine companionship. Most bad days can begin at […]


If you had the power to change anything, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Our world is filled with strange and unfortunate happenings which sometimes leave us wondering why you weren’t strong enough or fast enough, possess telepathy or telekinesis or laser beam eyes (one of my favorite) or a million other things that could help us […]