Hundreds of Toilet Paper Rolls Turned Into Art

By | January 7, 2014

Have you ever known that anything in the house has got some untapped potential? This is very true and by a close observation of the various functions an object is meant for and hence come up with a unique use of the same object.

Here we look at a very creative artist who came up with a unique use of an object we use in the house every day. Here we are talking of the piece of art by, a Hamburg-based Turkish artist, Sakir Gökcebag who used a toilet paper to decorate a house among other house hold equipments such as brooms and clocks which he has used before to come up with deco.  Sakir comes up with his ideas by taking a close observation at an object and the purpose it serves and hence come up with a unique second use of the same equipment.

As many of us understand that a toilet paper is meant for only that one private use but Sakir has a second use whereby he arranges the toilet papers in spectacular arrays to decorate houses hence coming up with a very unique and a rare piece of art at home.  He arranges them in layers such that form very attractive decorations. Here he uses hundreds of rolls to come up with such decorations. This is the power of a creative brain.

image (4) toilet-paper-art-sakir-gokcebag-7 toilet-paper-art-sakir-gokcebag-thumb640 Toilet-Paper-Rolls-1 Toilet-Paper-Rolls-2 Toilet-Paper-Rolls-3 Toilet-Paper-Rolls-5 Toilet-Paper-Rolls-6



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