Historical Landmark of Jordan- Petra

By | December 8, 2013

Where do we start when giving the marvellous Petra the proper introduction it deserves? Let us try and give you a good picture.

Petra is a historical and archaeological landmark that is located in Jordan and is most famous for its tomb-like rock cut out architecture. It was probably established in 312 B.C. and is Jordan’s most visited tourist attraction. It is widely used in popular culture and many movie sets, such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Arabian nights, Transformers and many other have been filmed partially in Petra.

Now let us show you some facts that will make you want to visit Petra as soon as you can.

First, it is the most remarkable that the city was carved into the walls of a canyon in the desert, next it has more than 800 tombs carved into the cliff, and one of the most popular tombs is the treasury. There are probably over a thousand monuments, tombs and other rooms that have served a purpose when they were originally built. One of the most remarkable monument 1000 kg bust of the primary deity Dushara, made out of limestone. The color of the stones Petra is carved from have a distinct rose-like color, from which the name Rose city comes from, but the most stunning fact about these stones is that when the sun shines upon them you will be left in total amazement and only then you will witness the through beauty of Petra.

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