Robotic Delivery Drone System Is Now Available!

By | December 10, 2013

A few days back, a person came and introduced an amazing technology that has made everyone to feel like they are just living to see such type of invention, which is considered to be present in sci-fi movies only. That’s how I felt when I heard from the Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder, of that they have made a robotic drone delivery system.

Bezos unveiled the technology in one of his interviews and showed people how it works. When a user orders something and chooses their drone delivery, the package will be collected from any of the warehouses of Amazon and the drone will deliver it to the customer who is living up to 10 miles away from that warehouse. The drone is completely robotic and tracks customer’s location through GPS system.

Bezos highlighted the most appealing factors about the technology and said that it is the result of everybody’s extra efforts which they never allow anybody to criticize. You can see that technology in service after 2014 or maybe during 2015 as they have to get approval of FAA about the rules of the system. Since the drone seems to be quite noisy, this fact cannot be denied that it can easily fly for about thirty minutes and as it operates with electricity, the drone becomes eco-friendly than the trucks.

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